About SSP

For over three decades, SSP has been bringing end-to-end network solutions to a wide array of Northern California enterprises. Our San Francisco Bay Area location gives us immediate access to all the leading-edge technology, training and support you need - when you need it. Our team of solutions consultants and engineers are industry experts with top-notch training and certification. With the combined powers of our partners, we offer the latest, most comprehensive core technology and industry-leading training, consulting and support resources.

In an industry where companies come and go, SSP is distinguished as one of the longest established network integrators. Ours is a story of expertise that has evolved with our industry. Our growth has been characterized by our vision and our agility. At every stage, we've anticipated the next wave of information technology for enterprise and gotten there ahead of the pack.

We opened our doors in 1982. Early on we recognized the pressing need for enterprises to access and manage key data. So we began by developing software for the pharmaceutical industry. Our products were so effective we soon branched out into other sectors, meeting the needs of such major companies as Standard Oil and McDonnell-Douglas.

By the end of the eighties and into the nineties, we were installing LANs for our growing customer base, as well as developing custom software for them. Our crucial partnerships with HP, Microsoft, and Cisco allowed us the ability to expand our abilities, keeping pace with evolving technology. So in the early-to-mid nineties, when the Internet phenomenon began to take off, we were right there, building out complex Internet infrastructure for e-commerce and content providers.

Into the 2000s, we continuously secured partnerships, and with a broader reach we were able to provide technological solutions for the City and County of San Francisco, Contra Costa County, City of Oakland, among many more government organizations of the Bay Area. By the 2010’s we delivered upon significant contracts: GSA, SF Technology Marketplace, San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, Palo Alto Networks NASPO contract, and more. With our dedication to serving the people and institutions of the Bay Area, we grew into what we are today.

We helped Cisco deploy the first SmartStart program to enable young businesses to afford the network infrastructure they need to compete. Our expertise and experience has broadened to include a wide array of cutting-edge technologies: large multiplatform, multi-vendor infrastructures, high-availability networks, IP telephony, and remote connectivity solutions such as VPNs, to name a few.

Where are we going? Into the future, armed with our long history of successes and our capacity to master and implement evolving technologies for enterprises on the move.