Our Solutions

At SSP, we're versatile. We specialize in all aspects of emerging and traditional communications networks for enterprise. We can integrate the latest technology into your existing network for new functionality, or build out your network from scratch.  Our process, from beginning to end, is designed with your success as our foremost consideration:

What are your network needs?

We start with a complete assessment. We listen carefully to your problems, your needs, and your objectives. We consider your unique business requirements, your current configuration, and your plans for growth. We help you determine what kind of network functionality you need, or need to add, to meet your goals. If you're starting from scratch, we plan your network for you. If you have an existing network, we examine it to assess what's working, what isn't working, what needs help, and why.

Designing a Solution Tailored to Your Needs

We map out a plan for you. Drawing on our expertise and our access to a wide range of superior products from top vendors, we custom-design a solution based on your unique requirements and objectives. We provide you with extensive, detailed drawings, documents, and equipment lists. We answer your questions and work with you until we're sure as a team that you have the appropriate solution.

Building a Network that Works for You

We stage, configure, and then implement a secure, highly available, manageable network at the site you choose.  We use our wide-ranging expertise and our access to a broad array of industry-leading technologies to create an infrastructure that will keep your operations running smoothly. We pride ourselves on our reputation for follow-through. We stay on the job until your network is up and running exactly the way you need it to. We provide complete performance testing and fine tuning, and a thorough on-site orientation to new network elements and functionality.

Providing Reliable Management and Support

We help you decide whether in-house management or outsourcing makes the most sense for you. When you need to manage in-house, we help you with the management tools that enable you to monitor your network's health. If remote management is the best option for you, we monitor and manage your network remotely, freeing up your staff for other business-critical functions.  We can also provide one-time on-demand management functions, such as device or security policy changes.

And of course, we stay with you through every phase of your growth.  We take pride in our outstanding personal service and responsiveness.