Wireless: a Competitive Edge

The world is rapidly going wireless, and forward-looking enterprises are at the forefront of this movement. Wireless LANs streamline and speed up the delivery of goods and services into the marketplace. If you have wireless capability today, you have the competitive edge. But it won't be long before enterprise wireless networks are commonplace. With the wireless future rapidly approaching, smart companies still limited to wireline data and voice communications are planning the shift to wireless. How will you choose among the huge variety of applications, devices, protocols, and interfaces?

Your first choice must be the right network integrator.

SSP has proven expertise in both wireline and wireless technologies. We understand the urgency and the complexity of making the transition to wireless. We'll listen to your needs, assess your existing network, guide you in the right direction, and take you from planning through deployment and beyond.

Whether you already have a wireless network in place and want to enhance and upgrade it, or whether you need to start from scratch with your first wireless application, we have the expertise, the experience, the manpower, and the partners to deliver the best solution for you.